** ETA 04 Dec 2018 **

The UFQ AV Mike-2 aviation microphone is suitable for the Bose QC25,QC35, including the Sony MDR-1000X

Simple to use, just attach this microphone to your Bose QC25/35 headphones, to transform it into an ANR (Active Noise Canceling) Aviation Headset.
This combination costs much less than buying an additional aviation ANR headset,
that is just as good, but much lighter in weight, and much more comfortable, for extended use.
Each package includes an adapter cable, with 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male connector,
It also works the Sony MDR 1000X, and other headphones with a 3.5 mm socket
The UFQ AV Mike-2 allows you to enjoy listening to music while flying

Main Features:

1. Super light weight - Microphone cable harness Only weighs 130g

2. Easy to use - Just attach it to your ANC headphone

3. Included 3M Velcro and nylon cable tie to secure the attachments

4. Amplified electret noise canceling microphone for clear communication

5. AUX jack and Link cable so can enjoy music and communication

6. Dual volume controls on the control box

7. Mono/Stereo switch

Price: R2200.00

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