BC-167SD Wall Charger(1).________R000.00   (IC-A5/A6/A23/A24)
BC-146 Desk Top Charger(0).______ R650.00   (IC-A6/24)
FA-B02AR Antenna.(1)____________R350.00   (IC-A3/A4/A5/A6/A23/A24)
LC-159 Pouch(1)_________________R350.00   (IC-A6/24)
OPC-499 Headset Adapter(8).______R800.00   (IC-A6/24)
BP-209 1600 mAh Battery (1)_______R700.00    (IC-A6/24)
BP-200 700 mAh Battery (1)________R700.00    (IC-A5/23)
USB Programming Cable(0)________R250.00 (+ Free Software) *NEW

ATV-10 Antenna(0)_________________R450.00
YHA-73 Antenna(4).________________R450.00
FNB-V94 1800 mAh Battery(5)_______R750.00
FNB-V67 Li Ion 2000mAh Battery (12)__R750.00
PA-48 Wall Charger(2)._____________R300.00
CT-96 Headset Adapter(1)___________R500.00
E-DC-5B Cig Lighter Adapter(2)______R400.00
CBE-83 Battery Eliminator(2)________R400.00
VAC-10G Rapid Charger(1)_________R680.00
CD-47 Charger(02)________________R650.00
FBA-25 Alkaline Battery Pack(11)____R200.00
CN-3 SMA-BNC Antenna Adapter(5)__R100.00

General Purpose Inline PTT(3)_______R450.00

USB  Programming Cable(5)________R250.00 (+ Free Software) *NEW

Serial Programming Cable(3)________R200.00 (+ Free Software) *NEW

Headset Accessories
Gel Earseals(03P)_________________R450.00
Cloth Ear Covers (39)._______________R85.00 
GA Headset Comm Cords(03)_________R550.00
HELI Headset Comm Cords(02)_______R750.00
Headset Comm Cord Grommet(08)_____R50.00
1.5M Comm Extension Cable (01)_____R750.00 
Headset Head Pad(00+07)___________R250.00
Mic Foam Covers (17)._______________R45.00
Cross Over Cable__________________R100.00
Headset 300 ohm Speaker (06)________R130.00
Mic/Boom Assy____________________R400.00

GA to Helicopter Adapter
Helicopter to GA Adapter (0)

This rugged adapter/extension allows you to easily convert your
general aviation fixed-wing headset for use in a helicopter or vice versa.

Price: R600.00                                                      Out of Stock

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