*** OUT OF STOCK *** 

Excellent Active Noise Reduction performance

When the ANR is ON, low frequency noise cancellation is improved by an additional 18-24 dB.

Customers comment that this is like a small Bose A20, but lighter in weight and more comfortable

Super comfortable and light in weight, allowing you to enjoy flying for longer

Uses 2 x AA batteries, that can last more than 48 hours

The mic boom can rotate by 360 degrees, so the microphone can be used either on the left or right side

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone, ensures crystal clear communication, every time

Dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible, with link cable included

Allows you to enjoy high quality Hi-Fi sound

Mono/Stereo Switchable

The professional ANR aviation headset, for home or travel

A high quality headset bag is included with every headset

GA:    R5300.00
HELI: R5300.00
G -  (00)
H -  (01)

Mic Foam (10) - R45.00
Ear Seals (09) - R400.00

Customer comments:
(J) Just wanted to let you know the headset worked like an absolute charm!  
So comfortable and the sound quality was excellent!!

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