Rexon Handheld Aviation Radio-USB Type-C
RHP-535 Airband portable radio with built-in headset jacks

*** OUT OF STOCK ***

RHP-535 is an aviation two-way radio with large screen and keyboard. When an emergency happens, there is no time to search for an adapter for your handheld radio. The RHP-535 is the only handheld aviation radio that can be connected to standard aviation headset plugs (GA plugs) without using an adapter. The simplicity of this radio makes it a pilot's favorite: just turn it on, type in a frequency, and plug in your headset. No menus, no wires, and no adapters. Dedicated volume and squelch knobs are easy to adjust, even in turbulence, and the extra-large screen and keypad make a big difference at an emergency time.

  • 2.3" oversized screen and Type C backup power.
  • VOR navigation with CDI760 COM channels and 200 NAV channels.
  • 10 weather channels.
  • 100 memory channels.
  • 121.5MHz emergency frequency recall.
  • Semi-duplex operation.
  • Scanning of COM and NAV bands.
  • Dual watch function.
  • One touch selection of active and standby frequency.
  • Side tone function.
  • LCD back light.
  • Massive 3300mAh battery give you more than 20 hours of use
  • Optional Alkaline Battery Tray

R5400.00 (00)

Optional accessory: AA Alkaline Tray - R400.00 (04)

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