*** OUT OF STOCK ***

Compact & Portable - Suitable for all Aircraft
Perfect for Ultralights and Microlights!
Interfaces with ICOM,  Bendix/King & More!

Product Description

  • This is a professional aviation intercom with superb quality. It provides great flexibility for both pilots and passengers to communicate efficiently in noisy environment. The compact and stand-alone design allows you to place it anywhere in the cockpit with its own power.
  • Operates on a standard 9V battery
  • Fail Safe feature allows the pilot to communicate via the radio, even if the battery goes flat
  • The included remote PTT (Push-To-Talk) switch can be attached just by plugging in. It is made of aviation-compliant rugged material. The PTT itself has a large button and Velcro strap, allowing the pilot to place it near the control column. The coiled-cord design further ensures the unit can be located anywhere in your cockpit.
  • Its intelligent volume and squelch function allows cancelling of noise automatically when no one is speaking..
  •  The intercom operates on a 9V battery (not included) and fits straight into major ICOM radio models such as A3, A4, A6, A22, etc and Bendix/King model such as KX99.

PRICE: R2250.00

(00) IC-A6

(00) IC-A6/A24/A25

(00) GA

Replacement PTT w/cable (02) R300.00

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