Standard Horizon HX-370S

VHF Marine Transceiver

Brand New!

Standard Horizon HX-370S - Submersible 5 Watt Marine Portable VHF

The Standard Horizon HX-370S is smaller, lighter, unique functions,
and built to take the day in punishment of the marine environment.
Includes 220VAC overnight charger with drop in base, AA Alkaline
battery tray and belt clip.

Some key features of the Standard Horizon HX-370S include:

* Marine and 40 commercial LMR VHF (dealer programmable) channel capability
* 1400mAh Nickel Metal Hydride - 18 hour battery
* Unique SOS distress beacon
* Oversized LCD with channel names
* Speaker mic and voice scrambler capability

This unit comes equiped with:
* Drop in charger base
* 220V AC charger
* 1400mAh NiHd battery and AA battery tray
* Quick draw belt clip
Price: R1999.00 


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