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DRE-1001 PNR Headset

  • 24dB NRR hearing protection
  • Noise Cancelling electret mic
  • New Rugged Mil-Spec cabling
  • Dual volume control
  • New Full flex boom
  • Wide comfort foam ear seals
  • Available in black or white
  • Weight 14.5 oz.
Additional features include high fidelity headphone drivers for music,
thumbnut headband adjusters, gold-plated plugs, rugged ABS ear cups, DRE-1000H
and chrome stainless steel headband combined with the best audio components makes the DRE-1001 the affordable aviation industry leader.

Also available in Helicopter option.

DRE-10001 - R1299.00
DRE-1000H - R1499.00 - Coiled chord and heli plug.

Gel Earseals      - R249.00
Cloth Ear Covers - R59.00
Mic Muff             - R35.00

All prices include VAT

Excludes Postage


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