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The lowest priced ANR with full Bluetooth in South Africa

PNR Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR):21dB     
ANR Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR):29dB


Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity:95±5 dB SPL
(I KHz, I mW input per earcup side)
Active Noise Attenuation:
Dynamic 42 ohms:
Rate Input: 30mW   Max. Input:  100mW
Speech Sound:
Dynamic 300 ohms:
Rate Input:  30mW   Max. Input: 100Mw

Microphone and Amplifier:
Element Type:  Noise-canceling electret
Frequency Response:   100Hz to 5 kHz
Matching Impedance:    150-1000 ohms
Sensitivity:-33±4 dB (Ref:0dB SPL=20.0uPa at I kHz
With 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)

Temperature:  Operating – 20 to 70ºC
Cordage:Straight cord from headset to molded plug 150CM
Intercom Connections:
Earphone Plug:      PJ-055  (.25” 6.3mm  phone plug)
Microphone Plug:    PJ-068  (.206” 5.2mm phone plug)
Weights: 550g

ANR Noise Reduction Specifications:
Attenuation Frequency Band…………20Hz~20 KHz
Main Attenuation Frequency Band…20Hz~600Hz
Attenuation Capability………………29dB

Power Consumption……………………30mW

Headset size range Height: 10 to 14 cm

Colour:Green or Grey       
Boom:Flexible Boom

Features of the Bluetooth Controller:
Connect to Bluetooth Enabled Devices
Individually control volumes for each side
Make calls, answer calls, redial when connected to your phone

Control if Audio (from Auxiliary or Bluetooth) should auto-mute with transmission
Adjust volume of your Bluetooth Device
Connect 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable

High quality headset bag is included!

Green (03)
Grey   (00)

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