B6 • Convey


The B6 Convey is the FLEX System VFR Pilot bag and Carry On travel bag.

The B6 is 13.5” x 10.5” x 5”. (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.)

The B6 Convey is perfect for VFR Pilots, but also has many uses outside aviation.  For the VFR Pilot, one often needs only the essentials when going flying: Headset, sunglasses, GPS, todays charts, kneeboard, radio, etc.  With the B6 Convey, you get a Front Bag, a Rear End Cap, a Side Pocket Alpha (Radio pocket) and a Side Pocket Charlie (Pen pocket). 

Storage on the B6 is accomplished in a number of ways.  On the Front Bag, you have the nine pockets on the front, followed by the main storage area.  These front pockets hold your mobile phone, keys, wallet, fuel tester, flashlight, Multi-Tool, Biz cards, and a camera or electronic E6B.  The main storage area comes with a divider shelf as well, and holds headsets or a GPS.  On top of the bag is a pocket for sunglasses.  There are two FLEX Mount Pocket stations on both sides of the Front Bag.

Finally, with the Rear End Cap, there are three ways to store your items.  The main outside pocket with flap for your iPad, todays charts, documents.  The zippered slip pocket for manuals.  And finally, the flat half pipe slip pocket for your checklist or boarding pass.

The B6 is perfect for that day trip or spending time in the pattern perfecting those landings.  Why bring more bag than you need?  The B6 Convey also makes a fantastic travel bag.  When traveling, store your 13” laptop, power cords, smart phone, snacks, pillow, iPad, magazines, iPod, keys, DVD’s etc., in a small efficient bag that fits right under the front seat. It really is the perfect carry-on bag.

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Price: TBA

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