Vertex VXA-220 PRO VI Transceiver

- Rugged and Submersible Construction
- Loud Audio
- 250 Memory Channels
- Supplied with Ni-MH Battery(7.2v, 1400mAh), Wall Charger, Headset Adapter, Belt Clip and Flexible Antenna. Plus, CN-3 Antenna Adapter, Alkaline Battery Tray and 12V Cig Lighter Charger.

* TX: 118.000 - 136.975 MHz
* RX: 108.000 - 136.975 MHz
* 5 watts TX output power
* One-Touch Control Knob for easy access to VFO, Memories, and Weather
* 3-way Display Titling (frequency, channel number, or 8 character tag)
* Internal Sidetone Function when used with aviation headsets.
* 250 Memory Channels – Includes 150 Programmable Memories plus 100 Book Memory Channels.
* Automatic Noise Limiter. Acts to reduce impulse noise from engine ignition systems.
* One-Touch Emergency Frequency Access. Just press the [121.5] key for instant operation on the VHF airband emergency frequency.
* Priority Dual Watch Function (A Vertex Exclusive!)
* RX Battery Saver with adjustable save levels.
* Water Resistant Construction
* Low Battery indicator

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Price: R2899.00

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